Canada’s 2023-24 Budget: A Deep Dive into Government Measures and Proposals

Canada’s 2023-24 Budget: A Deep Dive into Government Measures and Proposals

The 2023-24 budget presented by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland introduces a significant change in the inclusion rate on capital gains. Individuals with capital gains exceeding $250,000 annually will now face an inclusion rate increase from one-half to two thirds. Moreover, corporations and trusts will also be subjected to this higher inclusion rate on all capital gains realized. This measure aims to generate more revenue for the government while potentially impacting high-income individuals and entities.

One of the key highlights of the budget is the C$15 billion top-up to the Apartment Construction Loan Program. This investment is set to facilitate the construction of a minimum of 30,000 new apartments in Canada. The government’s focus on expanding housing options aligns with the goal of addressing the housing shortage and improving affordability in the country.

A new C$6 billion Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund is on the horizon to accelerate the construction and upgrading of critical housing infrastructure. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure that supports housing needs across various communities. The infusion of funds into this sector can potentially drive economic growth and create job opportunities.

Canada Rental Protection Fund

The budget introduces the Canada Rental Protection Fund, amounting to C$1.5 billion, with the aim of safeguarding affordable housing and fostering the development of thousands of new affordable apartments. This initiative underscores the government’s efforts to address housing affordability challenges and protect vulnerable populations from experiencing housing insecurity.

An additional C$400 million will be allocated to top-up the Housing Accelerator Fund. This funding boost is expected to enable more municipalities to streamline processes, expedite home construction, and invest in affordable housing initiatives. By reducing red tape and enhancing efficiency in the housing sector, this measure seeks to stimulate housing development and promote inclusive growth.

The budget includes a provision allowing 30-year mortgage amortizations for first-time home buyers purchasing newly built homes, effective August 1, 2024. This policy change aims to make homeownership more accessible to aspiring homeowners, particularly those entering the real estate market for the first time. However, the long-term implications of extending mortgage terms to 30 years warrant careful consideration and monitoring.

Empowering Indigenous Communities

To unlock access to capital for Indigenous communities, the government will offer up to C$5 billion in loan guarantees, enabling them to invest in oil and gas projects. This measure seeks to empower Indigenous communities and support economic development initiatives within their territories. However, the environmental and social implications of investing in oil and gas projects raise concerns about sustainability and Indigenous rights protection.

Investment in Artificial Intelligence

A C$2.4 billion package of measures is earmarked in the budget to boost artificial intelligence, signaling the government’s commitment to advancing innovation and technology. Investing in AI has the potential to drive economic growth, enhance productivity, and position Canada as a global leader in the digital economy. However, ensuring ethical AI development, data privacy protection, and inclusive innovation practices are critical considerations in harnessing the full potential of AI.

Canada’s 2023-24 budget introduces a range of government measures and proposals aimed at addressing pressing issues such as housing affordability, Indigenous empowerment, and technological advancement. While these initiatives hold potential for positive impact, careful monitoring, stakeholder engagement, and policy evaluation are essential to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with broader societal goals.


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