Celebration as Luxeed S7 Electric Sedan Begins Mass Deliveries

Celebration as Luxeed S7 Electric Sedan Begins Mass Deliveries

The Luxeed S7 electric sedan, a product of the partnership between Chinese tech giant Huawei and Chery Auto, has finally begun mass deliveries after facing setbacks due to semiconductor shortages and production issues. Richard Yu, managing director and chairman of Huawei’s smart car solutions, announced the commencement of deliveries through a post on the Weibo social media platform. This news comes after months of delays and challenges faced by the companies involved in bringing this premium brand electric vehicle (EV) to market.

Chery Auto had previously lodged complaints with Huawei regarding production delays caused by issues with a computing unit supplied by the tech company. These delays had a significant impact on the delivery timeline of the Luxeed S7 sedan, which received an overwhelming response with approximately 20,000 orders as of November 28th. The sedan is being offered at a starting price of 249,800 yuan ($34,600), making it an attractive option in the EV market.

Despite the challenges faced during the production and delivery process, Huawei has seen a significant growth in revenues, marking the fastest growth in four years. The rebound in the consumer segment and the revenue generated from new ventures such as smart car components have contributed to Huawei’s recovery from the impact of U.S. sanctions. In response to the challenges, Huawei announced the decision to spin off the smart car unit into a separate entity, with hopes of achieving profitability in the near future.

According to reports, Richard Yu mentioned that the smart car unit is expected to become profitable from April onwards, following a period of losses in the past year. This optimistic outlook reflects the efforts made by Huawei to overcome the challenges faced in the production and delivery of the Luxeed S7 sedan. With the EV market witnessing a surge in demand and competition, the success of the Luxeed brand is crucial for both Huawei and Chery Auto in establishing a strong presence in the electric vehicle industry.

The mass delivery of Luxeed S7 electric sedans marks a significant milestone for Huawei and Chery Auto, signaling the resolution of production and delivery issues that delayed the launch of the premium brand EV. The collaboration between these two tech giants has not only showcased their ability to innovate in the smart car segment but has also demonstrated their commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering cutting-edge products to customers. As the smart car unit within Huawei prepares to operate as a standalone entity, the focus now shifts towards capturing a larger share of the growing EV market and solidifying their position as key players in the industry.


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