Critique of the Tokyo Government’s Matchmaking Efforts

Critique of the Tokyo Government’s Matchmaking Efforts

The Tokyo government has been making efforts to reverse the decline in marriages and births through various matchmaking events and now, by developing an artificial intelligence-powered dating app. These efforts have been met with mixed reactions from participants, with some expressing hope and others feeling hesitant.

Despite hosting numerous matchmaking events aimed at helping people find partners, the Tokyo government has not been successful in increasing marriage rates. The participants in these events have often found it difficult to engage with potential partners, leading to moments of awkwardness and missed opportunities. This suggests that the current approach may not be effective in addressing the underlying issues.

The Tokyo government plans to release an AI-powered dating app that will ask users more than 100 questions to match them with potential partners based on big data gleaned from responses from 150,000 couples. While this approach seems promising, it remains to be seen whether it will be successful in actually facilitating meaningful connections between individuals.

Participants like Kaori Shiratori have expressed a sense of reassurance in the new app’s vetting process, which includes online interviews and proof of single status. However, others like Fujita, who used to hesitate in looking for a partner due to his part-time work status, are now cautiously optimistic about the app’s potential to help them find companionship.

With Tokyo’s population set to start shrinking from 2030, the government has allocated a significant budget for marriage-support services in the hopes of encouraging more people to get married. The app will be available to residents, workers, and students in Tokyo, with proof of income being a requirement for its use.

The declining birthrate in Japan has been identified as a major issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Data shows that a significant portion of Tokyo’s population, particularly men in their 50s and individuals in their 20s, have never been married or dated. This highlights the need for innovative solutions to encourage more people to consider marriage and starting families.

While the Tokyo government’s efforts to address the declining marriage and birth rates through matchmaking events and the development of a new dating app are commendable, there are challenges that need to be overcome. It remains to be seen whether the AI-powered app will be successful in fostering meaningful connections and encouraging more people to consider marriage. Only time will tell if these initiatives will have a significant impact on reversing the trend of declining marriages and births in Japan.


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