The Dilemma of Roaring Kitty: What’s Next for GameStop Champion Keith Gill?

The Dilemma of Roaring Kitty: What’s Next for GameStop Champion Keith Gill?

Roaring Kitty, also known as Keith Gill, has been closely watching the fluctuating GameStop shares, wondering about his massive options position that is nearing expiration. Gill has been holding onto 5 million GameStop common shares and 120,000 call options, which involve 12 million underlying GameStop shares. However, as the expiration date of June 21 approaches and the stock price hovers around $30, Gill faces a challenging decision.

With a strike price of $20 on his call options, Gill stands to profit if GameStop shares trade above that price by the expiration date. If he chooses to exercise the options, he would need $240 million to purchase the 12 million shares. Although he currently has $29.4 million in cash, it is insufficient to execute the transaction. This presents a financial hurdle for Gill, as he may not have the capital to carry out the exercise.

As the expiration date looms and Gill’s cash balance falls short of the required amount, his broker E-Trade may be compelled to step in. E-Trade retains the right to decline, cancel, or reverse a client’s orders at its discretion. If Gill fails to provide instructions before expiration, E-Trade could liquidate the options or submit a “do not exercise” order. This intervention could have financial implications for Gill, as it may result in significant costs.

Amid concerns about market manipulation, E-Trade has contemplated banning Gill from its platform. Speculation suggests that selling the calls early to secure profits may be a viable option for Gill. However, such a move could attract negative attention and accusations of manipulation. Gill’s actions are closely monitored by regulatory bodies like the SEC and the Massachusetts securities division.

Gill has the option to roll his calls to a later expiration date, providing him with more time to evaluate his position. Rolling involves exiting the current position and entering a similar one, offering Gill flexibility in managing his options. However, this decision requires careful consideration and collaboration with risk teams to mitigate potential risks.

The Consequences of Expiration

If Gill chooses to hold the calls until the expiration date and the stock price drops below $20, his position would expire worthless. Considering the significant investment he made to acquire the position, this outcome would result in substantial losses. Alternatively, if Gill manages to gather adequate funds to exercise all his calls, he could become one of the largest shareholders in GameStop.

As Gill navigates the complexities of his options position, the decision-making process is critical. Whether he chooses to exercise, sell, or roll his calls, Gill must assess the potential outcomes and risks involved. The impact of his actions on the market, as well as his reputation, adds a layer of complexity to his dilemma. Ultimately, the next steps for Roaring Kitty remain uncertain, as he grapples with the challenges of his monumental options position.

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