The Impact of Europe’s Political Landscape on the Euro: A Closer Look at EUR/GBP

The Impact of Europe’s Political Landscape on the Euro: A Closer Look at EUR/GBP

The recent European Parliament elections have left investors in a state of uncertainty regarding the political landscape in Europe. The rise of eurosceptic-nationalists has caused a significant shift in power, displacing liberals and greens. President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to dissolve the French Parliament and call for early legislative elections following a defeat to Marine Le Pen’s far-right party further adds to the uncertainty. This political turmoil puts pressure on the structure of the European Union, ultimately weakening the value of the euro.

EUR/GBP Trading Analysis

Looking at the EUR/GBP chart, it is evident that the currency markets opened on Monday around the 0.8465 level. This price level has not been seen since August 2022, highlighting the impact of the recent political developments on the euro. The technical analysis of EUR/GBP reveals several key points to consider:
– The price broke below the critical support level of 0.85, which had been in place since 2023.
– The market is currently in a downward trend, as indicated by the red channel since autumn 2022. The bearish break of 0.85 further reinforces this trend.
– The median line of the channel could potentially act as a consolidation zone below 0.85, confirming the significance of the channel.
– The 0.85-0.853 zone may present significant resistance in the future, particularly if bulls attempt to reverse the current trend.

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Technical Analysis

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