The Impact of Recession on the GBP/JPY Exchange Rate

The Impact of Recession on the GBP/JPY Exchange Rate

Recent data has revealed that both the UK and Japan are facing a technical recession, marked by a consecutive decline in gross domestic product. While the UK’s economic downturn can be attributed to high inflation and strict policies imposed by the Bank of England, Japan’s recession may be linked to its ongoing population decline spanning over 14 years.

Analyzing the GBP/JPY chart, it is evident that the exchange rate surpassed 190 yen per pound for the first time since August 2015. However, certain indicators suggest a potential shift in market sentiment. The rate is currently at the upper boundary of an ascending channel, and a recent drop below the 190 yen level following a false bullish breakout indicates a bearish signal. Additionally, the MACD indicator points towards diminishing demand forces, hinting that traders may be looking to capitalize on long positions.

Potential Strategies Amidst Recession

With the possibility of Japanese authorities implementing measures to bolster the yen, traders should be prepared for fluctuations in the GBP/JPY exchange rate. In such a scenario, it is essential to consider setting targets for short positions, with 186 yen per pound emerging as a key support level. This level, previously a resistance point, is reinforced by the median line of a long-term channel, making it a critical juncture for traders to monitor.

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