The NZD/USD Pair: Analysis and Forecast

The NZD/USD Pair: Analysis and Forecast

The NZD/USD pair has shown signs of preparing for a mid-week rally, nearing the 0.6116 level. This recent surge marks the highest point for the Kiwi in two months, following the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s decision to maintain its monetary policy structure unchanged during the May meeting. With the interest rate remaining steady at 5.5% per annum, the RBNZ has emphasized the importance of a restrictive monetary policy to address inflation concerns and stabilize the economy. However, potential risks such as a cooling labor market and rising unemployment have been recognized by the central bank. Despite these challenges, support factors like higher housing rents, insurance costs, and utility rates contribute to a positive outlook for the New Zealand economy.

According to official forecasts, the consumer price index in New Zealand is anticipated to return to the 1-3% range by the end of 2024. This positive projection indicates a potential increase in the NZD exchange rate in the coming months. The RBNZ’s balanced and consistent policy approach has helped alleviate concerns of excessive volatility for the Kiwi. Investors are eagerly awaiting the minutes from the latest US Federal Reserve meeting, as they seek further clarity on the Fed’s future monetary policy decisions.

Analyzing the H4 chart of NZD/USD reveals a consolidation range around the 0.6000 level, followed by an upward breakout leading to a growth wave up to 0.6151. Currently, a consolidation range is forming around 0.6114, with a potential downward breakout indicating a decline to 0.6000 as the initial target. Subsequently, a correction wave to 0.6075 may occur, followed by further downward movement towards 0.5853. The MACD indicator supports this scenario, with its signal line above zero but showing a clear downward trend. On the H1 chart, an impulse of decline to 0.6114 has materialized, suggesting a corrective move to 0.6132 before resuming the growth wave to 0.6075, with further bullish momentum expected.

The NZD/USD pair is displaying a consistent uptrend driven by the RBNZ’s prudent monetary policy decisions. Technical indicators point towards potential corrections and further market growth, with a focus on the upcoming US Federal Reserve minutes for additional guidance on market direction. As market conditions evolve, investors should remain vigilant and adapt their strategies accordingly to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the currency market.

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