The Speculative Nature of Tesla: An Analysis by Bill Gross

The Speculative Nature of Tesla: An Analysis by Bill Gross

Renowned investor Bill Gross has raised concerns about Tesla’s recent performance in the market. He argues that the electric vehicle company is starting to resemble a speculative play among retail investors. Gross, who co-founded Pimco and was once a dominant figure in the U.S. bond market, pointed out that Tesla’s behavior is reminiscent of a meme stock.

The 10-Day Winning Streak

Tesla has been on an impressive 10-day winning streak, with its stock price soaring by 43.6% since June 24. The rally was initially fueled by Tesla’s second-quarter vehicle production and delivery numbers, which surpassed analyst expectations. Despite this positive news, Gross believes that the fundamentals of the company do not justify such a significant increase in stock price.

In his assessment of Tesla, Gross drew parallels to other meme stocks such as Chewy, Zapp, and GameStop. Chewy recently gained meme status after online personality Roaring Kitty invested heavily in the pet retailer, similar to the GameStop mania seen in 2021. Gross also disclosed that he engaged in trading GameStop and AMC options for quick profits in 2022, referring to them as “lottery-ticket stocks.”

Despite its impressive rally, shares of Tesla have only risen by about 6%, lagging behind the broader market. The S&P 500, for comparison, has gained 17% over the same period. This disparity in performance raises questions about the sustainability of Tesla’s current valuation and whether it truly reflects the company’s underlying business fundamentals.

Bill Gross’s critical assessment of Tesla sheds light on the speculative nature of the company’s recent price action. While Tesla has enjoyed a significant run-up in its stock price, questions remain about the long-term sustainability of this growth. As retail investors continue to drive up the valuations of companies like Tesla, it is essential to remain cautious and evaluate investments based on sound financial principles rather than market hype.

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