Tokio Marine Eyes $10 Billion in Overseas Acquisitions

Tokio Marine Eyes $10 Billion in Overseas Acquisitions

Tokio Marine, a Japanese insurer, is setting its sights on overseas acquisitions and could potentially spend around $10 billion on such ventures. The co-head of the company’s international business, Chris Williams, revealed that Tokio Marine’s international business now contributes more than 50% of the company’s profits, a significant increase from less than 3% two decades ago. The company has made large acquisitions in the U.S. market in recent years and is looking to continue its growth globally.

Williams mentioned that North America, Asia, Europe, Canada, and Australia are all regions with potential opportunities for Tokio Marine to expand its business. The company is keeping a close eye on public companies worldwide as part of its acquisition strategy. Williams emphasized that Tokio Marine is patient in its approach and is looking for good quality businesses, whether through smaller-sized “bolt-on” deals or larger acquisitions.

Tokio Marine’s recent acquisitions in the U.S., such as U.S. insurer HCC and Pure Group, have allowed the company to focus on expanding in commercial insurance, particularly in sectors like cybersecurity. The insurer is shifting its focus away from home and motor insurance, aiming to capitalize on increased demand for commercial insurance products. Williams highlighted the resilience of commercial insurers, citing Lloyd’s of London’s doubled underwriting profit last year despite unexpected losses.

The company is also evaluating its options for its Southeast Asian life insurance business and is actively considering selling the $1 billion operation. Tokio Marine is navigating geopolitical risks, with upcoming elections and other uncertain events impacting the insurance industry. Williams mentioned that the company takes a cautious approach to insuring against losses from riots or terror attacks, aiming to mitigate potential risks in challenging markets.

Tokio Marine is among several insurers involved in legal disputes with aviation leasing firms regarding payouts for planes affected by geopolitical events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The company has set aside cash reserves for potential settlements and is actively engaging in discussions with lessors to resolve the issues. Williams expressed the company’s desire to address these challenges swiftly and move forward.

Tokio Marine’s ambitious plans for overseas acquisitions reflect its strategic vision for growth and expansion in key global markets. The company’s focus on commercial insurance, cautious approach to risk management, and proactive stance on legal challenges position it for continued success in a complex and dynamic industry landscape.


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